Don't just buy any case for your phone! Buy the one you love!

We are working to provide the biggest range of different style phone covers for your choice!

We understand everyone is you are unique and have different needs. That's why we carry hundreds of different covers for your phone:

Fashion cases

Water proof covers

Heavy duty

Wallet style covers

Screen covers

If you want full protection for your phone probably you already know - you need screen cover as same as the case. But there is so many different ones... and what's the difference? and why do I need it in first place?! Let's make it simple...

Plastic films

Screen guards or plastic films been in the market for a significant period of time. So everyone already knows advantages of it. Ultra thin plastic films protects your phones screen from scratches, scuffs and smudges. Easy replaceable and cost effective solution for your phone.

Temperted glass

Tempered glass is the best screen protection available in the market at the moment, engineered for strength and clarity.  The result is a crystal clear screen protector that keeps your screen safe from damage while still giving you an incredible screen experience. Protects  from scuffs and scratches as well as drops.

Say good bye for bubbles and it's  fast and easy to apply. Our friendly staff always happy to help applying screen covers for you or you can easily do that at home. Start by cleaning your screen with the included cleaning wipe and dust removal film, then peel the overlay from its backing and slowly place it onto your screen.